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Kaiserwetter is the world's leading IntelliTech company for investments in renewable energy. Our many years' experience in asset management allow us to harness the opportunities inherent to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize our clients' investments. Sophisticated data intelligence helps us minimize investment risks associated with renewable energy assets and maximize their performance over the entire investment cycle. This accelerates the transition toward zero-emission energy production and improves climate protection across borders and continents.

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Data intelligence: a game changer for renewable energy investments

Data intelligence is the centerpiece of our solutions portfolio. Kaiserwetter uses data intelligence as a true game changer that helps investors, banks, supranational organizations, and utilities make investment decisions on a regional and international level. Our actions are data-driven and strictly analytical and aim to facilitate and accelerate renewable energy investments. After all, one thing is for certain: the only way to achieve a livable future is the smart and profitable expansion of green energy, and that is true anywhere in the world.

New study released:

Application of DaaS within banks
in light of the European Green Deal

With data intelligence applied, banks may use the European Green Deal to define their future role.
Read in the most recent study of Technical University Munich in cooperation with Kaiserwetter and Bearing Point how banks can leverage existing business services, implement innovation and create new revenue streams.


The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are two essential tools that will help find a balance between humans and the environment and ensure a livable future. These smart technologies are key for fighting climate change, using resources carefully and achieving the energy transition we need. They are the peak of today's technological development. Kaiserwetter understands this and has based its technologies on this methodological and technical approach. 


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Kaiserwetter is the world's leading IntelliTech company in the field of renewable energy. Our data-driven platforms are unprecedented on the market as we use them along with analytical tools to accelerate the transition toward zero-emission energy production worldwide. We make our solutions available to our clients as data-as-a-service (DaaS). They are customized, flexible to use, and fully scalable.


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Kaiserwetter and Climate Goals

Kaiserwetter speeds up investments in renewable energy. We are fully committed to following the Paris Climate Agreement. To reach its goals, the main prerequisite is to swiftly and, first and foremost, efficiently decarbonize our international energy systems. The IoT and AI make a major contribution to this because they allow for future energy supply to be consistently demand-based and ultimately efficient beyond today's standards. Our products help ignite this paradigm change. And we encourage everybody to embrace this technological optimism: the Paris climate goals can still be achieved, provided that all forces of society work toward them. This is why Kaiserwetter is also one of the founding members of the UK-based Future Net Zero platform that works toward a radical decarbonization of our economies and society.

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