minimizing risks. maximizing returns.

Maximize the performance of investment portfolios with ARISTOTELES 

Renewable energy assets make for promising investment opportunities, provided that the corresponding portfolios are managed with data intelligence, thus preventing the waste of untapped potential. The solution is ARISTOTELES. Our cloud-based IoT/AI-platform ARISTOTELES minimizes investment risks while maximizing returns by leveraging the large amounts of technical data associated with wind farms and solar facilities to improve their performance. The result: operational excellence, maximum energy production and forecasts of unprecedented quality, which is the basis for profitable investment strategies.  

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analytics machine

Recognize risks and achieve the full potential with IRIS

Data analyses of wind farms and solar facilities used to be complex and often time-consuming. IRIS is here to change that. This web-based analytics machine creates highly detailed and reliable due diligence, performance and status reports as well as potential analyses. The process is swift, automated, and inexpensive. It is a true game changer for investors, financing banks, and sellers of wind farms and solar energy facilities

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