The Energy Cloud for Nations

To precisely and reliably meet the clearly defined climate goals, countries committed to the Paris climate agreement need Artificial Intelligence to govern the transition effectively. Right at this point, ARISTOTELES SKY – The Energy Cloud for Nations makes the crucial difference. The Energy Cloud for Nations helps countries to speed up energy transition and mitigate the transition risks of countries and regions. It provides national and international governments and authorities with detailed insights into their status and progress of their energy systems’ decarbonization process. 



Together for a brighter tomorrow

Based on real-time production data enriched with spatial data the Energy Cloud for Nations enables a simulation of national and regional energy system, world-wide unique in its highly detailed time and space resolution. 

The IoT-based cloud platform creates an optimized match between regional energy generation and demand creating a new energy future characterized by a demand-side approach where the power supply follows the specific load profiles. This mitigates the energy transition risks as the planning of new capacities, including renewable generation, storage, grid expansion and load shifting gains a new, unprecedented accurateness. Aristoteles SKY - The Energy Cloud for Nations makes it possible to speed up energy transition without the risk of false decision-making and failed investments.  

The 6 priniciples of the Energy Cloud for Nations

Principle 1

IoT proves Climate Goals


Principle 2

Data drives Energy Supply Chain


Principle 3

AI builds the Future of Energy


Principle 4

Cloud Computing speeds up Energy Transition


Principle 5

Data Intelligence governs Decentralization


Principle 6

Digital Innovation stimulates Economy


Benefits for Countries running ARISTOTELES SKY

  • Proving fulfillment Paris Climate Goals
  • Speeding-up energy transition
  • Mitigating transition risk
  • Demand side economic creates new markets
  • Creating full transparent energy market
  • Forcing prosperity by pushing decentralization
  • Paving the way for green economy
  • Inventing new business models
  • Attracting capital investments
  • Anti corruption mechanisms

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