The Energy Cloud for Nations

More than 180 countries have ratified the Paris Climate Agreement and have committed to ambitious climate goals. But how will this energy transition become a reality? This is a question that energy agencies, countries, and organizations around the world are facing. Oftentimes, there isn’t enough significant data and materials that would lead to informed decision-making. The answer is ARISTOTELES SKY – The Energy Cloud for Nations. ARISTOTELES SKY is the very best solution for planning new facilities for energy production, storage, and distribution. The process is always decentralized and is as closely tied to demand as possible (demand-side economics). With ARISTOTELES SKY, countries will be able to determine their national investment corridors with pinpoint accuracy.

Together for a brighter tomorrow

Based on real-time production data enriched with geospatial data, our Energy Cloud for Nations allows for simulations of national and regional energy systems that are second to none in the world. This is possible due to their highly detailed resolution for time and space. 
Our IoT-based cloud platform allows clients to define the absolute best investment corridors. This lowers the risks associated with the energy transition thanks to the unprecedented level of accuracy available early on during the planning phase of new facilities.
Especially in those regions of the world where the energy transition has yet to take place, ARISTOTELES SKY can significantly accelerate the expansion of renewable energy and hedge against transformation risks.

ARISTOTELES SKY relies on the "Private Cloud in the Public Sky" principle. This means that data will safely remain the property of national states or governmental agencies.

The 6 principles of the Energy Cloud for Nations

Principle 1

IoT proves Climate Goals



Principle 2

Data drive Energy Supply Chain


Principle 3

AI builds the Future of Energy


Principle 4

Cloud Computing speeds up Energy Transition


Principle 5

Data Intelligence governs Decentralization


Principle 6

Digital Innovation stimulates Economy


Clear benefits with ARISTOTELES SKY

  • Proving fulfillment Paris Climate Goals
  • Speeding-up energy transition
  • Mitigating transition risk
  • Demand side economic creates new markets
  • Creating full transparent energy market
  • Forcing prosperity by pushing decentralization
  • Paving the way for green economy
  • Inventing new business models
  • Attracting capital investments
  • Anti-corruption mechanisms

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