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ARISTOTELES is our b2b solution for investors, financing banks, infrastructure fonds, insurancies and utilities to maximize the performance, minimize investment risks and create highest transparency for renewable energy assets. ARISTOTELES Sky is our b2g solution that simulates national and regional energy system, based on real-time production data enriched with spatial data. 


Yes, ARISTOTELES Sky is an online Platform. The Energy Cloud for Nations is based on private national clouds for data management, operating highly effective and secure without affecting the IT infrastructure of supply systems of individual national markets. The global scalability of ARISTOTELES Sky is guaranteed as Kaiserwetter is partnering with SAP since 2017. 


ARISTOTELES Sky is aimed at international organizations and governments or authorities of entire nations, but also regions like individual federal states or even cities or municipalities can use ARISTOTELES Sky. It should be noted, however, that it makes more sense to incorporate larger areas to unlock the whole potetial of this platform.


Basically, only the political or administrative will to make usage of the advantages of ARISTOTLES Sky. We take care of the rest.


The data is protected by several instances. On the one hand, highly secure data warehouses are used and on the other hand all data is protected from changes and manipulation by blockchain technology. The owner of the data is always the customer. Kaiserwetter only collects and analyzes the data. At no time, Kaiserwetter is authorized to use the data for any other purpose or to use it commercially.


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