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Whether it's investment strategies, financing plans, or sales meetings: when it comes to complex assets such as renewable energy assets, in-depth knowledge about technical performance and zero room for error are key to making the right decision. IRIS gives you exactly that, and even more!

Thanks to IRIS, investors and financing banks can identify possible investment risks and potential for increasing returns. IRIS is able to analyze on- & offshore wind farms of every size. Additionally, IRIS performs technical analytics of small solar facilities starting at 10 kWp up to big scale solar parks. 

Our analytics machine is the first technological spin-off of our cloud-based IoT/AI platform ARISTOTELES. IRIS uses the powerful analysis potential of ARISTOTELES to deliver time-specific data analyses. Ultimately, this means that Smart Data Analytics allows for reports that offer a previously unprecedented level of detail and accuracy.

Within five days, IRIS compiles Due Diligence Reports, Performance Reports, Status Reports and Potential Analyses (think: Potential Gain) for wind farms and solar facilities. All results are safely and swiftly accessible online in our dedicated cloud-based data center. What you get is a crystal-clear and highly precise analysis ready within days instead of weeks. IRIS will give you the competitive advantage you want for your investment decisions.

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  • Time-specific analysis about the status of a wind farm or solar facility of any size - it's efficient, inexpensive and provides an unprecedented level of detail
  • Reports delivered within 5 days
  • Choose the reports you want
  • Transparent and straightforward pricing
  • Easy access to data via our cloud-based data center

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