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Due Diligence Reports, Performance Reports, Status Reports, and Potential Analyses are delivered in a few days and with an unprecedented level of detail. IRIS and smart data analytics make it happen! See for yourself what IRIS can do!


Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence Report provides full transparency about the technical conditions and performance of specific wind turbines, solar energy facilities or even entire parks. IRIS is the perfect basis for successful M&A processes for investors, sellers, financing banks, consultants, rating agencies and other stakeholders.

Performance Report

Our Performance Report is tailored to the needs of solar technology. A data-driven analysis will provide comprehensive insight into technical and meteorological conditions, whether it's a small solar energy facility or a large solar park. In addition, the analysis identifies potential for increasing returns and steps to take to achieve that.


Our Status Report provides comprehensive information about the status of any asset at a specific moment in terms of its performance and technical conditions to facilitate a data-based and neutral perspective on the asset. This is the perfect periodic support that asset holders, financing banks, and rating agencies are looking for.

Potential Analysis

This is a Report about the potential of wind turbines, solar energy facilities or even entire parks, including the potential for increased returns, just think potential gain.

The technical analysis of wind farms and solar facilities has never been easier.
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Share your information

Before IRIS can start compiling your report, we kindly ask you to provide the following information:

  • Installed capacity
  • Used technology/manufacturer
  • Location-specific geographical data 
  • Operational data/SCADA data or 10- or 15-minute data (12 months)
  • Daily output data (12 months)
  • Other relevant information (optional)

Please provide the information above in CSV, TXT or XLS(X) format

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