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Investors, owners, and operators of wind farms and solar facilities have ever-increasing obligations and requirements they must meet. Please allow the ZULU advisory services team to provide as-needed assistance. Whether it's for the implementation of an HSE management system, the introduction of ESG standards or handling unexpected problems at energy production facilities: our experts have decades of experience and are ready to help when needed.


HSE Advisory Services

The operation of renewable energy assets is subject to numerous requirements and rules. While not meeting these requirements is not an option, complying with them can still take up a lot of time and resources. It doesn't have to be like this.

We have created ZULU advisory services to provide service and assistance packages that will take the above-mentioned tasks off your hands. Let our experts help you introduce an HSE management system compliant with ISO 45001 that meets and exceeds all expectations. The process provides legal certainty, cost-efficiency, customization and will always be tailored to your needs.

Services offered by HSE Advisory Services

Our ZULU advisory services team will review the existing concept for the legally compliant electrical operation of energy-production facilities. Our experts will analyze the current situation, document their findings, and use them as a basis to make specific recommendations to ensure your operations comply with all pertinent legislation.


This service builds on our "business operations analysis." First, our ZULU advisory services team will review all existing internal regulations and guidelines, assess them and will then identify any organizational gaps. Then, our experts will compile an operations manual that includes all specifications for legally sound procedures. This manual will be the legal basis for working with all contractual partners to whom services are outsourced.


Employers are required to assess occupational risks to ensure that employees have a healthy and safe working environment. We will be happy to assess all existing risks at the energy-production facilities you operate. These can be wind farms, photovoltaic facilities, transformer substations or storage units, e.g. for hydrogen. Since we collaborate with renowned and experienced partners, we have the right expert for any technology.

You will receive a comprehensive report along with the risk assessment information. In addition, if requested, we can provide all necessary documentation that will be displayed on the production units on site.

We also offer periodic audits to make sure everything is up to date.


With the goal of closing any gaps in contractual relationships with third parties, we will have all individual contractual elements and their annexes reviewed. Our ZULU advisory services team will oversee the technical side. The legal review itself must be performed by the operator or by a legal expert retained by him or her.


If the facility operator is not a qualified electrician him or herself and if this role has not been assigned to anybody else, our ZULU advisory services team will be happy to provide a qualified electrician as defined by DIN EN 50110-1 (VDE0150-1) to take care of all relevant tasks that fall under the operator's responsibility.


To comply with the German Law on company doctors, safety engineers and other occupational safety experts, especially Section 1 "Assistance to the client or facility operator, the HSE manager (plant manager) in charge and the qualified electrician," our ZULU advisory services team can, if needed, also provide an occupational safety expert.


If operations are run by third parties, our ZULU advisory services team will support the operator in his or her organizational duties, contracting and supervision in line with entrepreneurial duties for ongoing operations. In addition, we will assist with defining and wording specifications for the technical plant manager and third parties and with emergency management for accidents or damages.


For every specific energy-production unit and facility, the ZULU advisory services team will compile all documentation needed to comply with health, safety, and occupational safety regulations (risk assessment, signage, emergency binder, etc.). In addition, we offer organizational assistance for complying with operator duties by providing templates and helping with the efficacy analysis.


We will compile an operations manual based on your internal guidelines. This will complement existing service agreements, i.e. regarding business operations, service and maintenance contractors and auditing firms.


On your behalf, we will perform periodic audits of your plant managers and external service providers to determine if and to what extent standards and guidelines are being followed.


ESG investment consultancy

Our ZULU advisory services team will analyze pre-determined factors to see if your investment meets ESG criteria. We will identify all possible risks and define the necessary steps to reduce them. The focus is on the entire investment cycle while taking into account all stakeholders involved in the project. 

Global Action Force

Our Global Action Force is a team of tech experts who can travel anywhere in the world to offer interdisciplinary expertise. They have the skills to analyze technical problems, no matter how challenging, and to develop all necessary steps to restore and maximize the performance of renewable energy facilities such as wind farms and solar facilities.

Kaiserwetter's applied data analytics process based on Artificial Intelligence is key for identifying the cause of any underperformance through the analysis of available operational data. The results of the analysis and other insights are then used by the Global Action Force to develop technical solutions, present them, and implement them.

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