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With service packages tailored to our clients' specific needs, ZULU Asset Management takes the technical and financial asset management of wind farms and solar facilities to the next level. Our highly specialized teams in Germany and Spain efficiently implement the desired management option for your assets and make sure you as a client don't have to take care of anything yourself.


ZULU Asset Management is all about customized service packages for high-quality technical and financial asset management. Our team of experts in Germany and Spain will take care of the operational implementation of the asset management elements you have selected online, always following your specific needs. We believe in transparency in everything we do. We want you to know at all times what our experts are doing when, where, why, and with which results. As an SAP partner, we offer our cloud-based SAP ERP solution as part of our ZULU accounting services. This is a second-to-none service that allows us to financially manage even large portfolios. 
This is what you can expect from the ZULU promise: direct cost savings, ideal output, and significant efficiency increase, which positively impact your assets' returns.

Faster, more precise, more efficient: how can ZULU take the asset management of your wind farm and solar parks to the next level?



Go where no one has gone before.


ZULU in 4 steps

ZULU is as user-friendly and as flexible as it can be. All you have to do is send us relevant digital information about your assets and select the service modules you need. We will then send you a quote valid for two weeks with a binding price that does not depend on your assets' return.

Asset information
Submit all necessary information about the asset online.

Select the service modules you need.

Contact information
Please provide your contact information so that we can send you a quote.

Order & data upload
We will send you a customized quote adapted to your specifications with a binding price. As a matter of course, you have the option of saving the information and editing it a later point. Let's get started!

Customized asset management with 13 modules

ZULU consists of 13 modules that you can mix and match to create a customized service package that meets your needs. Whether it's first-level support, legal contract review, performance analysis of your assets or direct sales of generated power: our team's ultimate goal is to always make the management of your renewable energy assets as efficient and streamlined as possible, following a reliable process and at a fixed price that does not depend on the return. 
This means that we do not charge flat fees for services you might not need. In addition, you have the option of adding assets to your portfolio at any time during the contract's one to three year term. Swift, cost transparent, and flexible: it doesn't get any easier than this.

All benefits at a glance

ZULU Asset Management ensures consistent cost transparency and sets market standards for the technical and financial management of wind and solar facilities. The benefits of such a customized solutions are easy to see: our team will work to meet your specific needs, all provided services are transparent, the scope of services and the costs are clearly defined, and our experts see our clients as equals. Ultimately, it makes financial sense to outsource services, and it's also fun! 


mix and match our 13 modules as needed.


our contracts are flexible and are valid for a period of one to three years.


we will not charge you for services you don't need. Period.



you can adjust your portfolio or add assets whenever you want.

Saves time

you will be ready to use ZULU Asset Management just six weeks after both parties have signed the contract.


benefit from access to our experts'knowledge for every area and module.

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All modules at a glance

you choose. we serve.

Efficiency and cost-reduction are true buzzwords of our time which are increasingly used in the area of renewable energy asset management, especially when these assets receive no public subsidies.

1st level power services

Our teams will supervise your wind farms and solar facilities, ensure reliable operations, and document all incoming information concerning your asset.

Performance analytics

Our experts will periodically analyze your asset's operational data, identify optimization potential, and point out inconsistencies.

O&M Supervision

By providing maintenance and services, our teams make sure that your assets have a high level of availability.

Real estate/lease settlement

Having good relationships with landowners is key to the successful operation of wind farms and solar facilities. Let our experts help you with their experience.


Our teams will check all access paths and the crane floor space for your wind turbine and will have them repaired if needed, thus making sure that technicians have easy access to your facility.

Permit & license management

We will assist you in implementing and complying with technical and environmentally relevant standards imposed by the authorities for your ongoing operations.

Grid management

We will make sure that all medium-voltage transformers and substations run safely.

H&S management

Our teams help you run your wind turbines as required by law and existing regulations.

Insurance management

We assist you in the technical aspects of processing and documenting insurance claims while making sure to comply with insurance conditions.

Feed-in management

We will assist you in making claims for compensation payments to the grid operator and will make the corresponding calculations.

Energy sales management

Our experts will take care of direct sales for the energy generated at your facilities and will achieve the best possible price. 


Relying on our cloud-based SAP ERP, we will take care of accounting work for the owner's company in the countries where the assets are located. We will ensure full compliance with all country-specific accounting regulations.


Our teams will take care of planning and managing your wind farm's financial data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It should be as up-to-date as possible because this information (e.g., the number of turbines/inverters, rated capacity, year it became operational, desired contract term, contact information, etc.) will be used to automatically calculate the price, which will then be incorporated into the draft contract.


You will be responsible for providing accurate data. Kaiserwetter does not verify data provided for the quote. A plausibility check will be performed before the contract is signed and we will ask you for supporting documentation if needed. If inaccurate information was provided, the offer will be void.


No. After you have provided all required information, we will e-mail you a draft contract signed by us. It is then up to you to decide how to proceed or if you still have pending questions or  would like to make changes to the contract.


Yes. You have the option of registering to access your saved quote by using your personal log-in data and to edit it as needed. To register, you will need to provide a correct e-mail address.


Your data are safe with us and we will certainly not share them with third parties without your consent. The information you provide will solely be used by our experts to get in touch with you.


Unfortunately, no, you cannot. But we will be more than happy to talk about it. Just contact one of our experts.


For our ZULU Asset Management, we made a conscious decision not to use inflexible, long-term contract terms. Instead, we believe in providing high quality of service. Therefore, only shorter terms are available. If you are still happy about ZULU when the contract ends, it will automatically be renewed for another year.
However, there is the option of agreeing on a longer term as needed before the contract is signed. Just get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to help.


Basically, yes. They just have to belong to the same operating company because only one contractual partner can be included in the contract.


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