Philipp Lindner


Philipp Lindner studied business administration (Master's Degree) at Universität Graz (Austria), UCLA (USA) and Universidad de Cantabria (Spain). He has more than 18 years of professional experience, specifically 14 years in the international business consulting environment (with PWC, IBM, Hotter & Partner) and 4 years as Director of the IT Group in the international logistics sector (JCL).

In his capacity as IT Director with JCL, he was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the main computer center and of the IT service lines for the operative divisions at around 20 sites in Europe and Asia. In addition, he focused on the restructuring of IT to the Cloud plus the digital integration of customers, suppliers and partners.  

During his time as Managing Consultant, in his capacity as project leader in various sectors (industry, telecommunications, insurance, food products) he was in charge of the successful implementation, on an international level, of project proposals in the System Integration and ERP area. As a member of the IBM Management Team in Vienna, he ran the Business Analytics and Optimization division. In this capacity, he established the IBM Analytics Center Vienna, where new solutions in all aspects of reporting, analysis, and budgeting & planning were developed.

Based on his own experience, he sees the need and challenges of timely and proper scalability as key issues for businesses today. 

"I feel that the only way for businesses to achieve scalability and efficiency is by aligning and optimizing three scaling factors: business processes, IT systems and organizational structure."

In 2016, he and his business partner co-founded Hotter& Partner Consulting GmbH, which he ran as Managing Partner before starting as CIO at Kaiserwetter in March of 2018.  


In his capacity as CIO at Kaiserwetter, he is chiefly responsible for the architecture of the Data as a Service platform Aristoteles and is in charge of the onboarding projects of new customers on the Aristoteles platform.

Thanks to his professional career, Philipp Lindner is able to draw on experience with a "view from the outside" as a business consultant and with a "view from the inside" as an IT director:

"These two views help me in understanding and discerning the requirements and potentials for modern businesses. As CIO at Kaiserwetter, my knowledge of proven instruments and skills acquired from international project management in many diverse sectors plus my extensive IT experience have equipped me very well for the changing environment in the new Data as a Service segment."