Rodrigo Villamizar Alvargonzález

Head of Strategy Americas , Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management LLC/New York

Mr. Villamizar, who joined Kaiserwetter as Americas Strategic Advisor at the end of 2016, has had experience as State Minister of Energy, Ambassador, Consultant to international energy companies and Strategic Advisor to Governments. He also has had a lengthy record as a University professor (San Diego U, Florida Atlantic U., U. of Andes of Bogota, IEB/Complutense of Madrid) and lecturer.

He has in-depth knowledge of world energy geopolitical issues and technology. His most recent book “Everything You Need to Know about Energy Today”, has become a well recognized contribution to the energy world. In it, he deals with the future of Renewable and Clean Energies, Electric Vehicles, the price of oil, the ‘fracking’ revolution, Lithium and Cobalt, smart grids and more.

Mr Villamizar acted as General Director of the LX Summit of Nonaligned Countries in 1995. Previously, he was President of the Industrial Development Bank of Colombia; Executive Director of the Colombian Oil Association; Director of the Colombian National Energy Study Project; and Senior Consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC. He has advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the Department of Energy of the U. S. on technical and strategic matters. He has participated in Country Energy Evaluation Missions (Germany, Venezuela, Spain); was a Researcher for the Texas State Senate Economic Development Committee (under Senators Tom Creighton, B. Schwartz and Barbara Jordan); and acted as Energy Demand and Rate Analyst Coordinator for the Texas Public Utility Commission, in Austin Texas.

He has two engineering degrees (petroleum and mechanical) from the University of Texas and Universidad Del Valle. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree (w/ highest honors), a Master of Arts and a PhD in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. He received two international fellowships, has published seven books on the economics and geopolitics of energy and competitiveness (including “Zenshin” published also in Japanese. He was a recipient of Japan’s Imperial Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor in 1995; the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship (USA) and the Fulbright Scholarship (USA). He was a decorated Student as well as an accomplished athlete.